Bio: I was a Very skinnyy kid. A happy kid, but one who grew up watching & helping my mother & grandmother creating grandios soul food dishes. Although Food was one of the big ways we connected and I loved our dinner making time, I never had a large appetite. For as far back as I can remember, I Love Chocolate & Fruity Candy. Because I was very active, jumping rope, playing tether ball, running track, taking dance classes, and running the streets, I Never gained weight and although my Friends would call me Skinny, I had Not a Problem with it because to me, they were Fat. So moving forward a bit, I attended San Diego State University and in in that time period I also had gotten marrie. After my 1st two pregnancy's, it was easy for me to lose the weight however, after the 3rd, it was a major challenge and although, I was not considered over-weight, I was as big as I had ever been & it was very uncomfortable. Not so uncomfortablt that I would stop eating my chocolate or begin going to the gym tho. Twenty + years passes by, I still have no interest in Nutrition or Fitness . . . In my mind, because I had Never, Ever experienced illness, I was just fine; absolutely Fabulously Fly. I was introduced to a Program for business consideration & received the shock of my life once I began to experiment. Not only was I grossly out of shape however, I was dying a slow death. In 50+ years, I had Never, Ever paid attention not only to what I put in my body but to what I wasn't putting in my body. When I tell you that it was by the Grace of God & the Grace of God Only, Trust Me . . . I am not exaggerating in the least. It was my desire to become a business builder with my current company that caused me to shift the way that I think about Food & Nutrition. Today, I work fitness into my daily life. I started my weight management Journey in October of 2010 at 156 lbs & lost 27 lbs (just assuring the proper nutrients & exercising daily). I have just started my 2nd Challenge & am on a mission to less than 5% body fat. . . I'm excited & want to help those who are interested in getting fat do the same. If you want to know exactly what I ate and did to lose weight (and what I still do now), follow me.

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